Become a member of the NLPOA San Diego County Chapter

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP  is available to all peace officers actively employed in or retired from any professional position in the criminal justice system and who supports the objectives of N.L.P.O.A.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is available to all, non-sworn, persons who identify with and support the objectives of N.L.P.O.A.

Below are just a few reasons to join:


As a member or potential member, the first question that is asked is “What do I get out of joining the Largest Latino Law Enforcement Association in America.”

Because our membership has over 30,000 members, I have chosen to create this brochure to advise you of the reasons to become an NLPOA member and or NLPOA Chapter.


The NLPOA MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is designed to assist NLPOA members through the law enforcement academies and through the first year of non-permanent status by providing solid/ethical responses to problems and questions.

NLPOA Members will be provided with the latest training to advance their careers. NLPOA Members will receive Assistance with Promotional Testing.

Study Groups; Test Taking Strategies; and Technical Assignments; Training for Task Force Assignments.


NLPOA Members are encouraged to use their unions or police associations first, as they also represent your employment interests. However, there may be occasions when you need to respond to adverse action based on disparate treatment and/or a pattern and practice by a law enforcement agency. The NLPOA will review your case and if there is merit, we will assist with the filing of EEO complaints, recommend attorneys for these adverse employment actions, and/or file with the U.S. Department of Justice directly.

The NLPOA Legal Defense Fund is available (effective 6/10/05) in addition to your NLPOA Membership (additional $22.50/month) for those employment events that require an attorney. This would include officer involved shootings, internal affairs investigations, second jobs. The NLPOA Legal Defense Fund provides additional peace of mind throughout your law enforcement career.. The NLPOA Legal Defense Fund also provides benefits to Reserve and Retired Peace Officers.


NLPOA Members will be provided with the latest Leadership Training.

Training for First Line supervisors;
Training for Mid-Level Managers;
Training for Law Enforcement Executives.

Develop your career through the various NLPOA Programs. You can participate in one of the more than 80 chapters throughout the United States, by serving on special interest law enforcement committees.

You can Develop Your Reputation and Credentials by volunteering your expertise as a Trainer, Presenter, or Keynote Speaker at the hundreds of yearly NLPOA events. NLPOA provides a unique opportunity to connect and network with other law enforcement
professionals who are at the top of their profession.


Join more than 1,000 officers from throughout the United States in discovering new law enforcement investigative strategies on domestic terrorism, serial profiling, gangs, organized crime, illegal drug trafficking, money laundering, domestic violence,
working with high risk inmates, supervising sexual predators, computer forensics, probation investigations, etc.
View professional exhibits with the latest technologies or visit with law enforcement recruiters.

The ANNUAL NLPOA NATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is held in October of every year. This event is one of the most comprehensive training, education, and networking event of the NLPOA. NLPOA Members enjoy discounted registration fees.


The NLPOA maintains a list of law enforcement agencies that are looking for transfers, or looking for Spanish Speaking Officers. The NLPOA maintains a list for Chiefs positions and a list for Federal Law Enforcement Appointments.

Log onto The National website has training opportunities and law enforcement job listings.


NLPOA Members are represented by the NLPOA-PAC Corporation designed: to provide letters of endorsement; to submit legislative support at the local, state, and federal level, on issues that affect law enforcement and NLPOA members. The NLPOA-PAC is also designed for maximum active representation for NLPOA members through: candidate forums, voter registration drives, and political training academies.


NLPOA Members are eligible to receive discounts for: car rentals; airlines; telephone services; hotels; events, etc.


The NLPOA Honors Family, Education and Community through Service and Mentorship. You can participate in NLPOA Chapter Events that help Bridge the Gap between Latinos and Law Enforcement. NLPOA Local Chapters provide college scholarships for under-served populations. NLPOA Local Chapters conduct Youth Leadership Academies and Job Mentoring.

These activities assist in developing your Leadership Skills, your Community Organizing Skills, your Resource Development Skills, and your skills at Managing and Operating a Law Enforcement Association.


NLPOA is $60.00 Yr. to San Diego County. To maintain the aforementioned level of service and full-benefits of your membership, ensure that your membership dues, name, address, and e-mail address has been sent to the